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HDVX Bucket

  1. Bucket designed for heavy duty, it can withstand huge penetration stresses and it is suitable for extreme strains as in quarry and mining works, demolition, excavation and loading of highly abrasive materials.
  2. It is manufactured with thicknesses, reinforcements and components suitable to increase its sturdiness and durability, employing additional internal and external reinforcing bands on the bottom on the in and outside, and with the addition of inserts made of hard composite material having 700 HB hardness on the sides and on the knife.
  3. Built for working machines up to 400 ton. operating weight.

  1. Corner shroud
  2. Welded side cutter shroud
  3. Lip shroud
  4. Delta blade available upon request
  5. Chocky bar
  6. Inner longitudinal strips for double bottom protection
  7. Transversal strips for double bottom protection
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HDVX Bucket
HDVX Bucket


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