• MODELS 15 (see the specifications in the data sheet)
  • WEIGHTS from 210 to 24,250 lb
  • EXCAVATOR WEIGHTS from 2,645 to 374,800 lb
  • OPENINGS from 39,5 to 197 in
  • Request infomation
  • data sheet


Ideal in lifting, transport and loading operations in recycling centers, waste loading/unloading, demolition work, scrap handling and rocks.

Model with "independent fulcrum": it pushes on a saddle attacks placed on the jaw and not directly on the fulcrum. Extremely easy to use when handling large boulders.

  1. 5-tooth configuration, 2 on the front and 3 on the back
  2. Totally built in HARDOX 400
  3. No hydraulic system required because it exploits the thrust force of the piston of the excavator's penetrating arm
  4. Connecting rod and support to be welded supplied with the grapple
  5. Support with 3 holes: 3 positions = 3 different jaws opening
  6. Greasing points on the fulcrum pins
RG Series
RG Series
RG Series

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